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Thank you for visiting CoB. Our aim is to get you up and writing with ChoiceScript(cs), over on Choice of Games, as quickly as possible. We are a very small group of writers, like yourself, who donate our time to the upkeep and continued growth of the site. If you feel you have something to contribute to the site, see something we are lacking, or otherwise just want to make a comment. Just hit us up on CoG forums

We are currently going through a reboot so please bear with us as we build the site up to where it needs to be.

We are hammering away in the database and looking at a lot of things for the site, sorry I do not have a time frame right now when we might be done,

Who are you guys?

  • Lordirish

    Site admin

  • Fiogan

    The most awesome QA person I could ask for.

  • Malebranche

    Our Data Base Master

  • CJW

    The voice of reason.