1st place goes to: @Fiogan with ‘The Beastie Watch’

2nd Place goes to: @Charles_Parkes with ‘Venom Beneath the Skin’

3rd Place goes to: @Aera with ‘Potions and Explosions’

4th Place goes to: @Wraith with ‘Second Chances’

Best Character: @Wraith with ‘Second Chances’

Best Romance Betrayal: @Fiogan with ‘The Beastie Watch’

Best Character Development: @Adrao with ‘Tokyo Wizard’

Most Visually Striking: @Fiogan with ‘The Beastie Watch’

Scores and Links
Fiogan ‘The Beastie Watch’ S(253) BC(17) BRB(24) BCD(11) MVS(25)
The Beastie Watch

Charles_Parkes ‘Venom Beneath the Skin’ S(217) BC(19) BRB(0) BCD(19) MVS(23)
Venom Beneath the Skin

Aera ‘Potions and Explosions’ S(215) BC(22) BRB(0) BCD(1) MVS(18)
Potions and Explosions257

Wraith ‘Second Chances’ S(209) BC(28) BRB(0) BCD(2) MVS(0)
Second Chancess
Imon ‘The Darkling Depths’ S(207) BC(0) BRB(0) BCD(0) MVS(19)
The Darkling Depths

Lucid 'Espionage: Poisonous Intent' S(204) BC(0) BRB(17) BSD(0) MVS(0)
Espionage: Poisonous Intent

Lycoris ‘The Purple Desire’ S(202) BC(8) BRB(8) BCD(3) MVS(17)
The Purple Desire

Adrao ‘Tokyo Wizard’ S(192) BC(20) BRB(13) BCD(20) MVS(17)
Tokyo Wizard

Shawn_Patrick_Reed ‘The Other Side’ S(192) BC(0) BRB(0) BCD(2) MVS(20)
The Other Side

Mrwolf2 ‘The Black Roses’ S(188) BC(9) BRB(0) BCD(1) MVS(11)
The Black Roses

OScott ‘Poisson-ous Intent’ S(177) BC(2) BRB(0) BCD(4) MVS(2)
Poisson-ous Intent

NeoHeartless ‘World Anew: The Compound’ S(176) BC(0) BRB(0) BCD(0) MVS(5)
World Anew: The Compound

AlexClifford1994 ‘The Insurgency’ S(165) BC(0) BRB(2) BCD(9) MVS(9)
The Insurgency

Hanon_Ondricek ‘All The Boxes Ticking’ S(140) BC(0) BRB(9) BCD(0) MVS(2)
All The Boxes Ticking

Port3r ‘The starting end’ S(67) BC(0) BRB(0) BCD(0) MVS(0)
The starting end