CSComp Rules 2017

I am thankful to be able to run this competition for yet a 5th year. Last years competition was outstanding. We had a lot of really great entries and feel this year will be a massive under taking to judge. I would like to thank the staff of CoG for allowing this competition to continue. With that said, I have a little disclaimer: In no way does CoG endorse or give written consent for this comp. I am solely responsible and any problems or concerns, any issues should be addressed directly to me subject line should read "CSComp2017".

What is CScomp?

It is your chance to write an interactive game in thirty days using choicescript.

Who can compete?

Anybody is welcome to enter as long as you use the choicescript format.

How do I enter and when is the competition held?

We hold the comp for the month of May, judging happens through June and the winners announced at the start of July. The competition is free to enter. Give a shout on the forum, (thread) and send an email to with your forum name, stating that you intend to enter the competition by no later then midnight GMT on Aprial 30th 2017. After midnight GMT on the 30th of April, I will not be able to take any more registrations! So please make sure you register before then if you'd like to be part of this year's contest.

On the 1st of May, I'll also put up a list of everyone who has registered; it'll be on this thread. So, you'll be able to check and make sure you're all set! It should also be noted again there is no entry fee, but any games submitted to be judged will be shared with the community when we announce the winners. Of course we will allow the authors the opertunity to offer up a more polished piece for the pulic. It take 30 days from the close of the contest to the final results of the judges to be announced so you will have time to work on a release piece if you so choose.

Do I have to turn in a complete game?

To finish a complete game in just thirty days is a very difficult challenge. So no, we would rather see a game that is free of bugs and a meaningful story then a complete game.

What about custom code or mods?

If you feel this adds to your game then by all means go for it. While we have seen some very creative game design, this does not really boost the overall score of the game.

Can it be a co-op work?

You may enter a co-op game but one person must be designated as the main contact. How you share the prize money is up to your group.

Can I submit a XXX game?

We try to mirror the rules of the forum as far as gender and inclusiveness, but due to that some years my judges may be underage and some may be offended by such materials we would advise against it. A judge has to score all games for their score to count, should the material be of a truly sexual nature some of the judges may give this game a very low score diminishing your chances of winning. Also we want a warning label for heavy topics such as suicide, discrimination, drug/alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, any kind of abuse really. Again the judge has a right to score a zero if they find it offinsive, but they also have to give a valid reason for this score.

When can we start work on the game?

You may outline, but work on the game may not start until the theme has been announced.

Are we allowed beta testers?

The short answer is yes. Judges may not beta test games. Beta testing has to be privately done. (No links to the game in the forums) The spirit of the contest is that it should be a relatively small number of beta testers, but no limit is set due to the fact some beta testers do not give any feedback and setting a number would be unfair.


You may only enter one game for the competition. Games may not have been worked on prior to the contest or shared in any fashion until the completion of the competition. At the start of the competition a theme will be announced. The theme will be open ended for easy interpretation by the writer. It is understood that any game you enter will be shared with the general public at the close of the competition. If you do not wish to share your game do not enter the comp. The judges will have the month of June to judge the game. The winners will be announced in the first part of July and prize monies will then be paid. To receive prize money you must have a PayPal account. All prize money is USD and I pay the cost of sending by PayPal.
Prize monies:
1st place 200
2nd place 150
3rd place 50
Last year the judges put up $40 to add to the prize pool. Prizes amounts are subject change depending on sponsors this year.


We have had a lot of great sponsors over the years so thank you to them. If you feel you would like to add artwork or time to help complete a project, or even cash just let me know will be happy to add you to the ranks of sponsorship. Note on cash prizes, we have had a bump or two in the delivering of the prize money, in the end all winners did receive their prize money, to that end if you wish to offer cash prize we will need the prize money sent to the PayPal account we use to pay the winners before the start of the comp. Thank you.
Good luck